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Simply peel, stick and add 2 coats of clear topcoat. Layer with your favorite polishes. Decals can also be layered!

Choice of two styles:
1) Anchors, Chevrons & Stars - Set includes 12 anchors in three sizes, 8 stars and 26 rows of chevron stripes - enough for multiple manicures or pedicures.

2) All Chevrons - Set includes 45 strips of chevron tape.

Each set features multiple sizes, so you can accent big toes to pinkie nails and every size in between (except for Chevrons, which are all one size and are cut to the desired length.) Each chevron stripe is approximately 1.8 inches long and will cover the width of 3 - 4 nails (depending on your nail size.) Chevrons can also be used as a mask or striping tape: paint nails desired color, add Chevron tape, paint second color, when dry peel off Chevron tape - your own custom two-color mani with painted chevron stripes!

Anchor, Chevron & Star Nail Decals - 9 Colors!

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