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Just in time for Summer!! Say Hello to CANNI Shellac Gel Color Polish!! CANNI Shellac Polish applies just like regular nail polish but is then sealed instantly under a UV or LED Nail Lamp. Leaving nails noticeably shiny and smooth for up to 2 weeks. No more going to Salon for manicure, when you can do it on your own at home!!

Kit Includes (6 bottles total)
1 * base coat
1* top coat
And 4 Perfect colors!!

9 Watt LED Lamp is sold as a separate option within this deal. If you don't have a lamp, you will need the lamp to cure this polish! Don't miss out on this great deal!!

LED Nail Lamp is used for Curing CANNI Shellac Gel Nail polish and most other Shellac polishes on the market!
Nail lamp has a sleek compact design which makes it easy to use for at home manicures! Cures the polish in 60 seconds.
Plug into wall, has an automatic timer buttons of continuous, 45 seconds and 60 seconds. The light turns off on its own after the 45 or 60 seconds are up. You can manually turn the timer off by pushing any one of the buttons.

LED Nail lamps are generally more expensive because let's be honest, they are just better than UV lights! Typical curing time is 30 -60 seconds,(which is almost a full minute faster than UV light!), they are safer for the environment by using less energy, and the bulbs last the life of the lamp and never need replacing! UV lamps are often big and require bulb replacement almost annually. These LED lights have a life span of 50,000 hours. Which pretty much means forever!

CANNI Shellac Gel Polish Starter Kit or 9 Watt LED Nail Lamp

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