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Jump on the latest yo-yo like toy craze sweeping the nation!

This Japanese created Kendama toy is fun for all ages, just ask my husband ;)


Rubberized paint Kendama

Options: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple

Classic Shiny Kendama

Options: Red, Black

Two color shiny

Options: red/white, black/pink, silver/pink, green/black, Orange/Blue

Custom paint Kendama

US Flag, Money Ball, Cammouflage

This toy consists of a wooden handle that has 3 cups built into it. The ball is attached to the Kendama toy via an ordinary string and rests upon a peg coming out of the top of the handle. The amount of tricks you can do with this toy are literally endless. Help your children improve their hand eye coordination and get them a Kendama by Lolly's pop to help pass their summer time.

The greatest thing about these toys is the large variety of designs that they can come in. We are featuring just 7 of literally hundreds of designs.

We do have the ability to custom design these so please email us for any specific design that you would like to see and we will see what we can do.

For a better idea on what these toys are capable of please search Kendama tricks on youtube or you can start with this basic video link.

Kendama Wooden Toy - 15 Colors!

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