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You will just love personalized Sunglasses, absolutely modern, fun and stylish....they make great gifts! We have taken the headache of finding the right case as well and put this special pack together for you: Sunglasses, Case, cleaning cloth and Gift Box.


{1} Select Style and Color:

{2} Monogram: Circle limit 3 Letter - Most Monograms are Two (2) or Three (3) Letters.

{3} Select Monogram Color: o Red o Blue o Hot Pink o Light Pink o Golden Yellow o White o Tealo Purple o Orange o Lime Green

(4) Personalization: Note: If you do not want it personalize please write "Blank".


{Monogramming for an Individual} You may choose to use either the first initial, last initial, or all three initials...If you are doing a three letter monogram with the middle letter larger than the other two, then the middle letter should be the initial of the last name. Jane Lee Robes would be monogrammed jRl with the "R" slightly larger.

{Monogramming for a Couple} As a rule of thumb, place the woman's first initial, followed by the couple's last initial slightly larger, followed by the man's first initial (the same size as the woman's first initial). Jane and Mat Robes would be monogrammed jRm with the "R" slightly larger.

| PRODUCT DETAILS | 100% eye protection. UV 400 (UVA & UVB). Protective case included (color might differ but style will be the same).

Personalized Sunglasses - Case Included!

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