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Not only is this DIY craft kit adorable, but it reversible too . . . on all 4 sides! So you basically get 4 crafts for the price of one!!

These cute little unfinished wood blocks come in at only $2.74 per side. What a steal! These blocks come sanded and ready for you to put your creative touch on. Simply paint them up or add some decorative scrapbook paper for a great pop of color. You simply rotate these blocks a quarter of a turn to display the next holiday/season. Start off with Spring, then rotate to Summer, then 4th of July, and then Back 2 School.

Unfinished Project Includes:
set of 3 stacking blocks (blocks are 4", 5", and 6" long)
Spring vinyl words, Summer vinyl words, 4th of July vinyl words, and Back 2 School vinyl words

Please note: This craft comes unfinished.

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Limit 8 Per Customer. All Sales Final.


Thoughts in Vinyl

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May 15th ( from Idaho Falls, ID )

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USA $6.95 $1.00
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Reversible Stacking Blocks- 4 Crafts in 1!

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