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One way to ruin my day as a Mom is when my baby gets woken up when she isn't ready to be awake. She is grumpy which makes me grumpy. Now there are definitely times when you can't prevent whatever it is that woke them up but whatever measures I have to take to keep them asleep I will! I used to use little post its on my doorbell to warn people not to ring the bell, but sometimes the wind would blow them off or they just weren't sticky enough and obviously they were not cute, so this is the purpose of this little sign, to take control of one aspect that could ruin a day for you. Hopefully this sign will keep the UPS guy from ringing the bell during nap time . I have also been known to stick a piece of paper on the door for other occasions like parties when you don't want to keep answering the door so you put a "come on in" sign up or when you are having a party in the back and want people to know where you are, simply flip the baby sign around and use the chalkboard side (chalkboard vinyl) to write whatever message you need your visitors to see. There are 5 color options to choose from, the sign is hung by a sturdy wire hook that can be placed on door handles, door knobs, wreath hangers, nails, hooks, really it will hang on just about anything and you can manipulate to hang however tight or loose you want. This would also make a cute and unique baby gift.

Shhhh Baby Sleeping/Chalkboard Door Sign

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