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These are our favorite product hands down! Great for kids who can't tie their shoes yet, but don't want to wear Velcro shoes. Great for bigger kids who don't want to have to tie their shoes and perfect for adults for running out the door, exercising, etc.

The shoelaces are extremely stretchy and completely adjustable with each knot putting a stop to the lace sliding through the hole. Find the right tightness and your shoes won't fall off or slop. Because these shoelaces were made specifically for people who run triathlons, they are great for exercising or kids running out on the playground. It makes it quick and easy for kids to slip their shoes off and on.

Adult laces measure approximately 29."

Kids laces measure approximately 24."

The shoes shown are a women's size 11 and a child's size 13.


Set 1-Adults: White/Pink
Set 2-Adults: Black/Pink
Set 3-Adults: Black/White
Set 4-Kids: Black/Pink
Set 5-Kids: Green/Navy
Set 6-Kids: Navy/White
Set 7-Kids: Black/White
Set 8-Kids: Pink/Green
Set 9-Kids: Pink/White
Set 10-Kids: Black/Green

Stretchy No Tie Shoelaces - Kids & Adults - Set of 2!

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